Images and thoughts turn in my head
I thought to be free but worries exist again
Different subjects, same person
Needing a way to calm herself
Too much questions for few responses
Love, future, health, choices…

Adult life and its disadvantages
Loose my sleep until I find a solution
Fifty years to work
Not sure to be alive at that time
Want to live with freedom
Is it a useless egoism ?

Is a love for me, maybe
Protect myself against suffering
Why staying in a world I know already
Since there are wonderful beauties outside
I miss you friends but if I am not happy will you be
Want to kiss your cheeks sibling but…

A hard-worker mind or a false body
Be right with my feelings for the others
Is it be right toward my feelings for myself
The contrary ?…
Where are my answers, can’t sleep
Need a reassuring word from a loving hand.

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