Listen sweety

I will open your heart
Little by little
Make a place for me
A little place for me
Warm place to repair
An hurting heart

I will open maybe
My arms to you
You knew suffering
Come, come
Put your head on my chest

I have a lot of love
For you, if you want it
Pay attention
If you let it growing
I will be fragile
Sensitivity is a gift
Sensitivity is a pain

Writhing in pain
Screaming in the night
Blooded tears rolling in the river
Body always remember

Without wanting
Without knowing perhaps
I need you as you need me
Just a shadow in my back
A sweet shadow looking at me

Stupid passionate
Instead of taking care
Emotions control
Before catastrophe

Passed betraying, pass the injuries
A dreaming smile
As before, as future
A dreaming smile
Before a new deception
Let me believe in you.